What are the requirements to rent a car on RideLink?

To be able to rent a car at RideLink you must:

Be at least 21 years old and have legally driven a car for more than 24 months (for European licences, you can find the date on the back of the card). Additional restrictions may apply for renters between 21 and 28 years. These restrictions are listed below:

- To drive Standard vehicles: 21 years old and 24 months licence
- To drive Premium vehicles: 25 years old and 36 months licence
- To drive Elite vehicles: 28 years old and 36 months licence

To check the category of each car, you can apply the filter by category on our search bar as shown:

  • Hold a valid driving licence to drive in the UK. Click here to check if you can drive in Great Britain with your non-GB driving licence.
  • Be domiciled in the UK, European Union, United States, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa or have held a UK licence for over 2 years.
  • Be authorised to drive a car for more than 24 months (in European licences, you can check this date in the back of your licence).
  • Have no more than 3 penalty points and 1 offence on your licence 

Haven't uploaded your driving licence yet? Click here to upload it!

And have not:

  • Had more than one accident in the last 5 years.
  • Been disqualified from driving in the last 24 months.
  • Any convictions for or prosecutions pending under any Road Traffic Act 1988 or similar legislation in any country in which this policy is operative.
  • Been convicted of or has a prosecution pending for any other criminal act other than parking offences or one speeding offence in your driving records.
  • Had a motor insurance proposal declined, a policy cancelled, renewal refused or special terms, conditions, exclusions or an increased premium imposed.
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