The car returned with new damages. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, on rare occasions accidents do happen. To cover car owners financially, we have arranged a comprehensive insurance cover for renters. This insurance cover works in parallel with the existing car insurance, replacing it for the period of the rental.

If the car returned with new damages at the end of the rental, car owners need to fill out the damage report with the renter, that will find in the second page of the instructions for renters document. There and then, the renter must pay RideLink a security deposit equal to an estimate of the damage caused. If the total cost of the repairs is less than the insurance excess (£750), all repairs must be paid for by the renter. If not, then RideLink’s insurance will pay the rest.

For example, if the repairs are estimated at £350, the renter must pay all £350. If an accident occurs leading to £2,000 of repairs, the renter must pay the excess of £750 and RideLink’s insurance will pay the rest.

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